(+101 , +52 ) week7 AUDUSD n (+56, +99)AUDSGD trades were done right with h4t and hns 1234 with divergence

I want to keep on repeating this type of winning trade. Winning feels good, especially with the right identified edges. They do not come often, but when they do, make it count.

my bias

week7 AUDUSD h1 h4t 1234 hns 100215


identified TP levels was good and I got out with my desired pips and locked them in before it bounced up.

week7 AUDUSD +99 +52 140215

AUDSGD trades

week7 AUDSGD h1 1234 with divergence SL defined 100215

week7 AUDSGD h4 hns right shoulder appearing 110215


week7 audsgd gd tp +90 , +50 140215


This was a good trade from cradle to grave and it exemplified that I had a very good set of price levels to structure my entry and exit levels on. I want to Keep repeating this type of trading thoughts and execution.


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