week8 Divergence between Bearish Wheat ( in progess) and Bullish Corn

This is a correlation that I am interested to know more find out.

Currently I see differences between Wheat and Corn.


Looking to short wheat with trend continuation.

week8 wheat h4t bearflag with kicker 190215

week8 wheat d1 candle bearish engulfing 190215

However I saw different things for Corn.


week8 Corn h4 ihs breaking out 170215


although Sl was clearly defined, eventually I could not bear to play this out, as I saw a shorting oppoturnity in wheat.

week8 Corn h1 bullflag Sl defined 170215


It has been a year of trading with commodities and I continue to learn new things everyday. This recent contrasting setup for Corn and Wheat made me want to analyse deeper onto the fundamental aspect of commodities as currently I have gained some insights in that commodities might not always be moving together.


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