(+120 , +140 , -60) week8 GBPAUD the classic Yong’s edge

Why did I used the title “Classic Edge” even when there was a losing position?

Started the week for GBPAUD with this H4T bullflag, slower entry than the rest of GBP, an hour of the strong GBP news.

week7 EURAUD h1 my mistakes 130215

However by Thursday things started to take a turn when price broke above multiday high but then flushed back to
form a multiday 1234 with macd divergence. Price then continued to complete a bearish day expansion.

week8 GBPAUD h1 standard multiday 1234 with macd divergence 220215


This week I did not have much of good setups, but this was actually one of the solid ones on hindsight. I have only this to conclude that I should not fcuk around when my edges appear. Rather than choose to adhere to existing direction bias, it is best to be able to switch my inflexible and accept the strength of my ‘classic edge’ when it appears.


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