( -70 stopped out) week22 NZDJPY D1 shooting star , following the momentum down

D1 A shooting star was printed, which was also the flush of several days high. Each time there was a shooting star there would be a subsequent downmove. I am looking to join in this down momentum. week22 NZDJPY D1 shooting star 270515 h1 Sell limit triggered, with SL above. the shooting star. week22 NZDJPY h1 sell limit 270515

updated 290515 -70 pips

Tines like this are murphy’s law in action. The shooting star had been taken out by a bullish day. However the very next week became a bearish day expansion,  creating a bearish engulfing day. I would grade this as the more powerful indication of a resistance.

On hindsight, I could argue that the shooting star was flattish, or that there was was no resistance level to short from. I will take this in mind and review my SOP .

week22 NZDJPY D1 shhoting star then bearish engulfing candle did not take action 290515


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