( trade in progress) week22 Japanese Bond on the rise , bullflag completed for next upmove.

The Japanese Bond is a new chart which I have been looking at for some time. but have not traded it until yesterday.


On the day chart, there is a decent uptrend with several pullbacks for past 2 years.

Indeed the bond market seems to be one which seems to be relatively stable.

week19 Japanese Bond D1 bullflag from 52w S 080515


A  larger bullflag has finally found the bottom  with a macd divergence double bottom recently.

week22 Japanese Bond bullflag  with divergence 260515


A lower timeframe investigation soon revealed that a smaller multiday bullflag has been completed. The concept of fractal tradings is engaged as I looked to trade on the smaller, multiday bullflag to reach the target potential driven by the larger bullflag. However my risk is capped from the smaller sized bullflag.

week22 Jap Bond D1 bullflag completed via bullish engulfing 270515

Although still at D1 , I found conviction in this trade when the bullish engulfing day of 3 days found support from the recent Double Bottom. The circled candlestick phenomenon has been documented regularly for the past few years and I have strong conviction over it.

The only bummer is that  this chart requires a larger margins account and hence I could not place a good sized position for this trade.Hence I will now research on the possibility of using unit trust ( CPFIS)  to get entry into this market. It will be great if  dividends are included as well in CPFIS UT.


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