(+138 points ) week23 ASX topping out, neckline retest

there were already signs of topping out in week22.

week22 ASX D1 line chart bearflag wr2b 280915


A down flag had already appeared.

week22 ASX wr2b bearflag 280515


On this, a first short was entered. However the reality was that the position was taken out. My learning point

was that i have to manage better the SL to avoid getting flushed.

week23 ASX D1 stoppedout -80 better to wait for a bearish day expansion 300515

2nd June 2015

A more definite signal to the end of the pivot still lies with an expansion day.

Change in colored expansion days suggests the end of the pivot. I reshorted with smaller positions upon it.

week23 ASX h4 bearflag 13TL 030615

updated 080615

ASX D1 trade outcome

exited at the bottom of the bear flag although eventually there was more downmove.

week23 ASX D1 trade outcome +100 080615

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