( +1 Breakeven) week24 CADJPY buy limit 100.00 failure to book profit


awesome understanding of the trend and momentum. Price had closed strongly above 5 weeks high. I set a buy limit at 100.01 to capitalize on the reactionary move.

week24 CADJPY h4 Big move buy limit 100 080615

Big Picture

week24 CADJPY D1 consecutive upweeks 080615

Trade outcome

indeed I was filled. I was filled in the afternoon, where the first half of the day price plunged but it was still early, the day still had half a session to be completed. I was right, within 5 hours price rallied 90 pips from 100.00. However I had failed to book profits, and the next day a sudden plunge wiped out all my profits.

week24 CADJPY buy limit breakeven 100615

My takeaway from now is to be focused, every 100 pips or or $$ bin bulk, I will just book profits, and gradually book my profits.


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