(+100) week26 EURAUD h4 channel bottom with macd divergence done right


Started off with an identification of the trend using zigzag dow theory. Price had completed an inverted head and shoulders

week23 EURAUD D1  6reakout 2 mth high 040615


After several days of no signal for long, finally things began to happen.This was a nice and classic bullflag which I had seen it so many times, again and again. With my strong confidence in the support cluster, I no longer wait for a flush to confirm but will happen the moment i see a bottom. After all , I am only looking for a spurt of 100 pips each. Understanding that price moves in ebbs and flows, each 100 pips always will provide chance for another retracement entry. So in all , I could have traded several times within the story.

week26 EURAUD h4 1234 wr2b 240615

I was willing to add more on retrace, based on the macd divergence i see in the double bottom.

week26 EURAUD h4 wr26 1234 macd divergemce dou6le 6ottom 250615

Outcome 270615

Outcome of this trade has been awesome. This was a good trade as this was a repeated price pattern and my edge continued to work.

week26 EURAUD h1 tp gif 260615


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