( trade in progress) week39 Is the USD going to resume strength? AUDUSD , USDCAD & USDSGD

Price has reached key flip levels for AUDUSD , USDCAD n USDSGD

From Daily charts:


Price reached the previous support turned resistance and continued to register 2 days of shooting star from a resistance confluence.

week39 audusd D1 2 x shootimg star 210915


Price reached the key support of 1.400 and a key weekly pivot before registering 2 X d1 hammer.

week39 USDSGD D1 2 x hammer 210915

A trade USDCAD D1

Similar to USDSGD D1 , USDCAD reaches a key level but the price action is much more obvious, with last friday registering an engulfing hammer over the previous day hammer.
In addition, there was a bear trap flush of 3 weeks low which suggests a high probability for uptrend resumption. I consider this as my A trade setup

week39 USDCAD D1 hammer emgufimg 210915


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