week42 CADSGD D1 Long term weakness: What are the significances?

week42 CADSGD w1 downtrend 201015

This yearly chart exhibits a clear downtrend , based on year to year lower highs and lower lows being made.
It can be safely said that unless there is a sharp reversal or strong fundamental changes, price is likely to follow the path of least resistance. The Canadian dollar is thus poised to weaken further , while the Sing dollar will continue to appreciate. I


based on the recent flush of 3 months high, a bearflag will be completed soon. price seems ready to continue the zig-zag down move for making new lows in the very near future.

week42 CADSGD D1 bearflag wr3d1b 201015

What are some of the possible significance for a weakened CAD and an increasingly strong Sing dollar?

1. Canadians working in Singapore, may find some advantage in earning SGD and remitting them back to their country.

2. Singaporeans may have a larger purchasing power if Canada happens to be their holiday destination.

3. Lank banking investment scheme based on Canadian Lands, might take a hit due to weaker foreign exchange, even if the investment would be an eventual success. In just a span of a year from 2014 to 2015 , exchange rates has dropped from 1.16 to 1.06 , almost equivalent to a 10% drop! Hence even if the investment was to be profitable, earnings would have been slashed by 10%.

Hence I strongly advise readers to weigh their options carefully before committing to any Canadian investments.

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