( trade in progress) week48 NZDJPY trading via #trappedtraders signal

In this post, the objective is to highlight how price action, when formed at meaningful confluence area, can reveal entry points for subsequent good moves.


week to week price is on uptrend with successive higher low. It is safer to adopt a long bias and wait for a beartrap to go long.

week48 nzdjpy d1 week to week uptrend 011215

D1 inverted head and shoulders

this uptrend becomes more evident when a bullflag has formed. In classical TA, this is a continuation pattern.
The shape of an inverted head and shoulder can be seen. The role of #trappedtrader thus helps to identify when there is a power flush. In this case it is the bearish traders being trapped that we wish to see in order to go long.
week48 mzdjpy d1 superpivot 011215


h4 shows how a #superpivot signal appears when power bearish traders are trapped by even more power bullish traders. This becomes an outright call to go along with the bullish traders. This is because it is also in conjunction with the existing uptrend.

week48 NZDJPY h4 super pivot 011215

edited 011215 3pm

Addition of another chart which suggests price is strongly supported.

week48 nzdjpy d1 trendline holding 011215







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