WEEK51 INTERMARKET ANALYSIS PART II: The EURO crosses and European indices

This is the 2nd part of the internmarket analysis series. There are several market correlation and i aim to have a discussion on one of them each week. My overall findings will point to the hypotheses that correlated markets tend to move together.

In this post I will discuss on how euro cross currencies are inversely related to European indices ( Dax , DJ Euro , French CAC , UK footsie , Spain IBEX etc).

EURO Dow Jones D1
week51 euro dj 201215

Dax30 D1
week51 dax30 d1 ecklime retest 201215


Meanwhile EUR crosses such as EURSGD has already showed signs of uptrend with 2 consecutive up weeks. A upflag with hammer has appeared so that is a clear sign to go long.

week51 EURSGD D1 hammer for 6ullflag 201215

Overall for week 51 EUR cross should strengthen & Euro indexes to go down if this correlation was to play out.


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