( awaiting sell limit)week3 AUDNZD super pivot suggest bearish trend resumption.


week to week , we can see that price is on a downtrend, with lower highs being recorded week.

On the D1 a powerful flush of previous 6ullish power day sends a strong message of trend resumption.

week3 audmzd d1 week to week dowmtremd 180116




On h4, it becomes evident that this trappedtrader signal is formed from a previous bullish power day and thereafrer a bearish power day, This is the penultimate type of bullish traders being trapped. I want to align this phenomenon with market resuming the downtrend.
We can also see that should price does a nice retracement to right shoulder, it would form a classic head and shoulder distribution pattern to confirm the downtrend resumption, making this a very high probability SHORT trade. Yet price is not obliged to retrace to the suspected level, so in order not to miss out on this trade, entries can also be made from anywhere within friday’s bearish candle.

week3 AUDNZD h4 super pivot sell limit zone 180116


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