(+65) week24 AUDNZD jump trade post RBNZD rate cut + strong AUD news

h1 pre-RBNZ news

week24 AUDNZD h4 1234 bullflag waiting for hammer 100615

Did not set a buy stop as intended.

Post RBNZ news,
jumped small position to ride on the unstoppable bullish momentum.

week24 audnzd 1 1234 JUMP 110615

Trade outcome

reached 52w SAR. Will book my profits.

week24 AUDNZD h1 1234 tp  +65 gif 110615

Will look to long again on the next setup.



GBP Pound crosses could be seeing a strong moves in the near future.


week21 GBPSGD w1 bullflag 13TL 210515

A nicely connected bullflag has not yet broken out , but currently price is at the top, on the verge of breaking out.


week21 GBPSGD h4 1234 H4t 210515

Going by personal definition of trend on a week to week (w2w) basis , past 5 weeks have registered higher lows each week. This is advantageous for a swing trader who wishes to earn profits within 1-4 days, since the probability of another upweek is high.

On day to day momentum ( d2d) , tuesday registered a hammer, suggesting that price respected the 52 weeks level. Thereafter a right shoulder was completed, from the line chart version.

That suggested that price is likely to continue from past 5 weeks of trend.

updated 230515

trade outcome +90.

Exited on friday morning after seeing that price was not able to register new highs in the morning. Left pos BE out.

Overall good trade setup, excellment trade management. I may not have gotten the large move correct, but I did well by exiting and managing the risk correctly.

week21 GBPSGD h4 trading outcome +90 230515

(+99 , good trade) week22 USDSGD D1 finds support from 2014 high, ready for upside after retracement.

Since reaching 1.400, price did a strong retracement. It is possible that price has now reached the end of the retracement leg, ready to rejoin the longer term uptrend.

D1 chart no.1

Apologies for the messy chart with a cluster of lines. However all these 52weeks level when placed together conveyed a story.
1- 1.400 was the top due to the cluster of 52 weeks level.
2- Price currently finds a support zone, also due to the cluster of 52weeks level + fib 50% retracement.
In particular 2014 High, provides more eivdence that price is ready to bounce from there.

week22 USDSGD D1 bullflag via 52weeks level with macd divergence 230515

D1 chart no.2

Zooming in, a double bottom seems to have formed, suggesting that this 52 weeks level has been tested twice.
With macd divergence, there is added steel to suggest that price has bottomed out.

Looking at the ed channel, price has also already broken out, with friday’s hammer showing strong respect from 2014 high.

week22 USDSGD D1 hammer from support confluence 230515


It is thus compelling to believe that this chart is bottoming out. Going into h1, a bullflag of sorts can be seen and entry can be immediate when market opens next week.

I do acknowledge that trading with a small 1234 bullflag is akin to “demanding” that price has to break out of the 3 weeks range. This is an action that may require a larger stop loss in order to prove the setup correct.

However the price action towards the 52weeks level is compelling.

week22 USDSGD h1 1234 from boxed in 230515

updated 310515

This is the type of good trades that i want to repeat again and again. TP was done at the identified pivot points.

week23 USDSGD D1  line chart tp +99 310515

week21 ‘ A Grade’ setup for China A50 after a powerful bullish day engulfing. Impending trend resumption

The China ( Shanghai A50) is an index based on A-shares which are companies registered in China.

There have been big stories covered on the revivial of China sotck market earlier this year and since then a strong month to month trend has emerged.


week21 Shanghai A50 h4 macd divergence bullish engulfing 200515

I look to rejoin this smooth trend and look to the usual price pattern of a bullflag for fresh entries.

There were several things which I saw that suggested strong upside move.

All these things put together inspired a lot of confidence in this trade.

I grade this as A trade also because of the way SL can be clearly defined.

The crux will be getting to be filled by a good price.

week20 SGX Osim at bullflag bottom. Possibility of buyback bounce with technical charting?

I do not trade this counter. But my friend’s keen and vested interested in osim has made me start to monitor as well. I will go through the technical aspects first, before moving on to fundamental/sentiment aspects, something is still new and subjective to me.


week20 osim w1 resistance turn support 150515

On the week chart, price reaches a classic resistance turn support of multi 52 weeks level.


week20 Osim international d1  bullflag 150515

On the day chart however price is currently at the bottom of a bullflag. if price can close above 1.70, it will also be flushing a 2 months low, forming a beartrap. This suggests support and validates the 52weeks level  as seen in the first chart.

If this bottom is indeed true, then price can look for $2~ level.



This is something new to me. My friend has made the observation that whenever there is a buyback there will be likely a bounce in price. However as a chartist, I seek the possibility if I can align this type of information with technical charts.

In this case if the buyback does really have effects on the price, it has also happened near the bottom of the bullflag as seen in the day chart.  Hence I hope to shed more light in the future, combining both aspects to make a better trade decision.

( +167) week19 GBPCAD h4t with wr2b bearflag from Resistance confluence A trade

week19 G6pcad h4t wr26 040515

Shorted this when I saw the familiar  Resistance tripartite of 2014 low , channel confluence , together with f6.
There was a WR2B which validated a beartrap. And this reversal pivot was even more meaningfully formed with

a yellow purple expansion combination, which suggests the strength of the resistance.

h4, D+1

price plunged straight for monday and now at neckline. Which presents the next decision to take some or leave to ride for more.

week19 GBPCAD h4 suspected neckline 050515

outcome 090515

week19 GBPCAD h4 nailed the exit level correctly 090515

Indeed price did a drastic turn at the identified partial tp area. I did well to secure the profits.

week17 STI Straits time Index breaks 6 year high , ready for bullflag up


What gets me excited is when a major consolidation has ended, followed by a strong closure beyond multi 52 weeks level or previous year high. This suggests spaces to exploit.

Current situation is best exemplified by the chart of Straits Times Index.

week16 w1 STI 6 years high broken 230415


After the strong bullish week close , it will be to look for signs of support.

With the combination of d2d momentum with w2w uptrend , looking for a multi day bullflag will be right thing to do to join in the big tide.

week16 STI h4 bull flag h4t 1234 230415

D1 candlestick charts

Finding the beartrap in the form of hammer will be the ideal scenario. In this case, I have gotten the trigger that I want to see. Overall the trend is up. I will be ready to add more should price drop furthur down.

week17 STI D1  power hammer 250415