( trade in progress) week39 Is the USD going to resume strength? AUDUSD , USDCAD & USDSGD

Price has reached key flip levels for AUDUSD , USDCAD n USDSGD

From Daily charts:


Price reached the previous support turned resistance and continued to register 2 days of shooting star from a resistance confluence.

week39 audusd D1 2 x shootimg star 210915


Price reached the key support of 1.400 and a key weekly pivot before registering 2 X d1 hammer.

week39 USDSGD D1 2 x hammer 210915

A trade USDCAD D1

Similar to USDSGD D1 , USDCAD reaches a key level but the price action is much more obvious, with last friday registering an engulfing hammer over the previous day hammer.
In addition, there was a bear trap flush of 3 weeks low which suggests a high probability for uptrend resumption. I consider this as my A trade setup

week39 USDCAD D1 hammer emgufimg 210915


(1st time : SL -90 2nd time : tp 60 2X pos size)week31 NZDSGD D1 shooting star with the trend |A-Grade| setup

the trend for NZDSGD has been severely downtrend for several months.

Last thursday a shooting star was printed, which flush several days high as well. This shooting star was printed against a 52weeks level as well, making this an A trade signal.

Entry plan and Sl will be as shown.

week31 nzdsgd d1 shooting star trapped traders 250715

edited 010815
I was stoped out of the 1st trade. It was disaappointing as I had placed a larger than usual position size, and I was stopped about 8 pips away from the highest point. On retrospect I could have placed my SL above all 52weeks level, a key component for my trading methodology, but I did not.

week31 NZDSGD D1 sl gif 290715


however what was memorable was that after getting flushed out and dejected, I continued to look out for signs of 2nd entry. I spotted a double h4 trapped traders engulfing pattern. I thought several things
were aligned which could mean a high probability signal which could guarantee moveability , of at least 60-70 pips.
It looked something like this:

week31 NZDSGD h4 trapped traders 310715

I took profit on a 2 x big pos and managed to cover back the losses from the 1st losing trade.
I am heartened to see the effectiveness of trapped traders phenomenon and how I cna use it to hit on immediate price movement.

week31 NZDSGD h4 tp big pos after h4 trapped traders 010815

( +20 points) week25 S&P D1 | A trade| power engulfing day candlestick , double bottom

D1 S&P looks like it has found a bottom again. D1 pivot shows support. week25 Snp D1 pivot support 170615 After yesterday’s close, I have strong conviction of the double bottom, because of 1) The support from pivot 2) The powerful bearish-bullish expansion engulfing 3) that formed the double bottom 4) With macd divergence This made the SL very defined. Just that price is far away from the SL, so will have to manage risk with adjusted pos size week25 Snp h4 macd divergence trapped traders 170615 .

Trade outcome 200615

Indeed trade has moved to identified levels.

week25 s&p take profit 20 poimts gif 180615

week21 ‘ A Grade’ setup for China A50 after a powerful bullish day engulfing. Impending trend resumption

The China ( Shanghai A50) is an index based on A-shares which are companies registered in China.

There have been big stories covered on the revivial of China sotck market earlier this year and since then a strong month to month trend has emerged.


week21 Shanghai A50 h4 macd divergence bullish engulfing 200515

I look to rejoin this smooth trend and look to the usual price pattern of a bullflag for fresh entries.

There were several things which I saw that suggested strong upside move.

All these things put together inspired a lot of confidence in this trade.

I grade this as A trade also because of the way SL can be clearly defined.

The crux will be getting to be filled by a good price.

(+ 20%) # Vard #SGX week12 bear flag from downtrend

D1 Big Picture

Venturing into various Equities market to have more oppoturnities to hit on A Grade Price Action setup.

Vard is a SGX equity that has been on a strong downmove since 2012. It was first identified in week9.

week9 Vard w1 bearish trend 240215

D1 Bear flag setup

With the bearish trend identified , I then looked for a pullback to get entry into. There was a solid Resistance in the form of 2014 Low, that happened to cap this bear flag, hence providing a good SL level.

week9 Vard D1 bear flag 240215

D1 bulltrap trigger

The trigger came in the form of the a bearish engulfing which acted as a bulltrap.

week9 Vard D1 bearish engulfing day 270215


3weeks later, exited at 40c for a 25% move. Verdict is that trades can definitely be held longer as I am playing for a downtrend continuation. Good identification of direction and timing overall but exit of the trade could have been better.

I believe this is the first prototype for equities trade that I am applying current forex trading principle onto equities. Although trade duration is much longer, it seems to be more stable as well. I am looking forward to have more success in CFD , so in the future I have more markets at disposal, as my edge lies not in extreme master of a particular fx pair, but rather the repeated use of trading methods based on trend, pullbacks & trigger.

Hence a plethora of markets should serve me better.

What I need to do next is to find out what happens if there are issues of counters suspension which may affect CFD trading.

week13 Vard D1 exited due to strong FOMC movement 190315

( 1st pos +120 , 2 pos in progress) week11 NZDJPY big A trade with classic Double Top neckline retrace

Had been waiting for this trade for a long time with big picture planning.


week11 nzdjpy d1 dt neckline retest 030915

this is classic neckline retest of a Double Top. If price should print a right shoulder, then it will be the highest probability retest via a hns.


The bearish engulfing day was significant because it happened near the confluence of the neckline as well as a f6. A topping pattern here will be extremely high probability.

week11 NZDJPY h4 bearish engulfing 030915