week12 GBPJPY D1 resumes downtrend with head and shoulders


Week to week, price is on the downtrend. The recent 4 weeks head and shoulders will be completed soon , pending a day close. on line chart the topping pattern can been seen as a validation of the 52 weeks resistance

week12 GBPJPY D1 head and shoulders 220316

Waiting for a h4 trappedtraders signal will be ideal or entry


(short in progress) week10 GBPCAD D1 super pivot A-Grade setup


A superpivot trappedtrader signal was fired off last night which happened to appear at a resistance confluence of
trendline and psychological resistance.

week10 g6pcad d1 super pivot 100316


Week to week, there is a clear bearish trend with consecutive lower high weeks. As of yesterday, the print of a super pivot signal validates the resistance of the confluence zone, which is in tandem with a bear flag continuation pattern. This becomes an A Trade setup.

week10 GBPCAD h4 week to week downtrend with bearflag 100316

( trade in progress) week47 Silver h4 bearflag formed, ready to make new lows

Silver looks set to be creating new lows.


on the weekly chart, price is downtrend year to year.
Getting short will be in line with the mega trend.
week46 Silver w1 downtrend 171115

h4 chart 1

week to week , day to day price is steadily going down.

week46 silver h4 downtrend short 171115

h4 chart 2

price has now formed a bearflag, with #trappedtraders signal validating the 2014 low as resistance.

price is ready to make new lows.
week47 silver h4 bearflag trappedtraders 271115

( trade in progress) week46 Shorting Silver on multiple time frame bearish trend

This short is based on the premise that a bearish downtrend has been aligned on multiple timeframe.


Year to year, Silver is on a downtrend with consecutive new 52weeks low being formed every week.
Price is now on the verge of breaking previous year low, and also previous 2 months low. Breaking of this support confluence will open a huge amount of space below for movement.

The important concept here is space, in which traders may find trades with more moveability when key supports are smashed and move into space where no further support can be found.

week46 Silver w1 downtrend 171115


on h4, the week to week downtrend is clear, after a previous round of 2months bearish consolidation.
Price is also showing a clear bearish trend on the day to day basis.

Any short now will be great, but I am also prepared to short more if there is a retracement.

week46 silver h4 downtrend short 171115

(+100, +50) week28 CAC40 D1 hammer X 2 long

Classic play on Resistance turn Support from 2014.

First longed on market gap open on monday. took quick profit.

2nd long was buy limit from 2014 high. Classic play and immediate profit on Gap up. However I did not hold on to more profits as the gap did not cover as anticipated.

week28 CAC40 D1 hammer 080715


Eventually, this would still be a bull trend on this strong week close. However I shall now wait for a good time to get long again. Current price is slightly high and I seek to get in when price is a low again.